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Medinilla   (Price 50-70 lt.)

Medinilla’s are a timeless beauty that will create majestic elegance in any room. It is a very unique plant, which you can enjoy for a long time. Medinilla  prefers being a bit dry to being too wet. Allow the plant to dry out and to be light when lifted before watering the soil thoroughly. It is recommended to water your Medinilla  once every 7-10 days. Do not allow any water to remain in the bottom of the pot. The preferred method of watering is from the bottom. The ideal temperature for Medinilla Magnifica is 17°C to 25°C. The Medinilla likes a lot of light.  The flower on the Medinilla  is made up of many small flowers cupped in bracts (large petal-like leaves) and can grow to about 50 cm long. If you look carefully you can see the delicate purple anthers sticking out of the trumpet-shaped flowers. This small detail is the finishing touch of the flower and is its hallmark.