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Hibiscus   (Price from 25 lt.)

This evergreen hibiscus shrub has upright branches densely covered with glossy, dark-green ovate leaves. Giant hibiscus flowers can grow (15-20 cm) across, with ruffled, trumpet-shaped blooms in red, white, pink, yellow, peach, orange and purple. Flowers may be single, semi-double or double, depending on the variety. You can expect bloom life to be about 2-3 days, with a succession of blooms that last for months. Caring for hibiscus plants is fairly easy if you keep a few things in mind. Flowering plants need plenty of light to bloom. And this tropical beauty needs more than most. Keep it where it'll get a few hours of direct sun every day. Hibiscus plants need warmth.  Growing hibiscus indoors is a little work, but worth it. You'll be rewarded with big, gorgeous flowers in vibrant colors. With good care, you'll enjoy your flowering plant for many years.