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Zamioculcas    (Price from 20 lt.)

Zamioculcas handles low light well, require minimal watering and endures neglect well.   Zamioculcas is no exception. Growth is slow, but as it grows it suckers from the base and will eventually fill up the pot.   This plant is best kept on the dry side.  The stalks hold water, so don't keep the soil wet.  If watered too much or allowed to sit in water you may find yellowing leaves. Even though the plant does well in lower light levels, it performs even better it in brighter light. Bright filtered afternoon sun would work well.  Keep the plant away from direct afternoon sun as the plant may sunburn.  The most attractive thing about zamioculcas may not be its toughness, low light ability or low water requirements - but the fact that it seems to have no insect problems, or at least none that anyone has been able to identify to date.