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CROSSANDRA      ( Price from 10Lt )


Crossandra are commonly seed as bedding plants in subtropical and tropical areas, where they are used for their wonderful color in light shade situations.
Indoors, crossandra provide many of the same charms. They are tolerant of low light and provide long-lasting flowers that will provide constant color from late spring to autumn. You can also enhance the bloom by removing older and dying flowers. Better yet, the blooms are available in a wonderful array of pale peach and coral colors—not very common colors among indoor flowers. As a result, these plants will do well grouped with other colorful plants, where they can be shown off to maximum advantage. That said, though, crossandra do have relatively high water and humidity requirements and cannot tolerate cold.
They thrive best in bright, indirect sunlight. During summer, do not expose them to direct sunlight. In winter, provide as much light as possible. During the growth season, water frequently and never allow potting soil to dry out. They are very susceptible to drought. In more arid climates, it might be necessary to mist the plants weekly during the growing season to provide ample humidity.